Friday, January 6, 2012

Atlanta Falcons vs New York Giants Wild Card Round at Giants Stadium

By Joe Maine - 1/6/12

Well here we are once again for both teams in the playoffs.  The Giants have not been in the playoffs for four years dating back to the Plaxico shooting.  The Falcons, on the other hand, are back in the playoffs after a quick exit last season.  The New York Giants have now got 31 playoff appearances and the Falcons have 11.   Last year the Falcons had the best record in the NFC at 13-3 but the Falcons were booted out when the Packers beat them in the Divisional Round.  The winner of this game will either play the Packers or the 49ers, all depending on what happens with the Lions @ Saints game.  If the Saints win, the winner of this game will play the Packers.  And if the Lions win, the Giants or Falcons will play against the 2 seed 49ers.
In the Regular season, the Giants have finished with a record 9-7, seeded fourth in the playoffs.   Falcons are 10-6 and have a better record, but because they did not win their division, they are the 5th seed in the playoffs.  The New York Giants score on average of 24.6 points a game, which is 9th in the league and give up 25 points a game which is 25th in the league.  The Falcons scored about 25 points a game this year and are seventh on the list in the category.  On defense, the Falcons give up about 21.9 points a game.  Now lets talk about the momentum factor going into the playoffs.  Both teams are 3-2 in their last 5 games.  Let’s note though, that the Falcons have not beaten a playoff team this entire season.  The Giants have only beat one playoff team this season in the Patriots. 
That's enough about the regular season.  In playoffs everything resets, except for the momentum factor. The G-Men winning there last two games should give them early momentum in this game.  Like most games by these two teams, expect great QB play in this game.  Matt Ryan is going to try to lead his team back to the Divisional Round with Michael Turner as his horse.  Eli Manning will try to do the same with the help of his running backs Jacobs and Bradshaw AKA Thunder and Lightning.  However, I don’t believe these players will have the biggest effect.  The x-factors in this game might be the tight ends on both squads. That’s right the players to look out for in this game are Ballard and Tony Gonzalez.
The Wild Card round is always the craziest round in my opinion.  The Playoffs start this weekend, and by Sunday at 1pm, we will know if the Falcons or Giants will play the cheese heads or the stunning 49ers.  Let they Playoffs begin!!!  

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