Friday, December 2, 2011

Osi takes a step back, Tuck gets a pass, & Now it's finally time for the Fan's to Step Up!

If you love this team then show the Giants players why on Sunday!
By Die Hard Fan - 12/2/11

Enough is enough....  I am tired of getting pumped up every week for Sunday and getting excited for a huge Big Blue win because lately, not only haven't they been getting wins, but the effort hasn't been there either.  Now that is INEXCUSABLE!  You are the NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS! ACT LIKE IT! If I wanted to see a team half ass it week in and week out, I would watch the Jets.  There are two people that this rant excludes, Eli Manning & Jason Pierre-Paul because as far as I am concerned, both of them have been playing lights out all season.  

All season, I have rallied around Osi Umenyiora.  I think he is an EXTREMELY talented pass rusher.  BUT, I will not excuse his play this season.  He might have 7 sacks this season, but as I have gone back and watched all of the games over again (wasn't easy to do for some of them), I saw Osi taking off many plays. He was basically trying to make a few plays here and there to try to get his 1 sack per game.  It seems as if he does not want to play hard this season because he is THAT worried about getting injured and ruining his chances of getting one last big contract.  And guess what, he got injured anyway!  Hey Osi, I don't care that you have a high ankle sprain, get off your ass and play.  The Giants do not have the luxury to have you sit out the rest of the season.  Every game is a must win.  Michael Strahan wouldn't be caught dead on the sidelines in a must win opportunity.  That says a lot about a player to me.  I have always respected Osi as a player, but this season has really made me rethink what this guy is all about.  I miss seeing players go out there and throw it all on the line.  Did LT EVER care about his getting injured. PLEASE... He only cared about decimating the opposing QB.  That is the fire that the Giants need.  That is the fire that Osi needs.  If any of you have a moment, please re-watch the Super Bowl vs. the Patriots and you will see that fire from the ENTIRE defensive line, ESPECIALLY Justin Tuck bringing it on every single play. 

Tuck, you're next on my list.  Now I will give him a pass this season, as he has played game in and game out with injury after injury.  I give him a lot of credit for playing through most of these injuries.  However, if it is that bad, then go on IR, and come back bigger and better next season.  I would rather see Dave Tollefson go 110% then Tuck at 50%.  No offense... I will say that Justin Tuck is the heart and soul of the defense though.  He isn’t at the Strahan level but not many people in NFL history have ever been at that level.  I for one didn't appreciate what we had in Michael Strahan enough, because he really did have the heart of a champion and was the true leader of Big Blue for over a decade.  

I know the NFL has changed over the past many years and everyone worries about their next contract and injuries. However, the best players in the NFL put that in the back of their minds and play until the very last whistle and pick themselves off the ground at the end of the game, even if your teammate has to carry you (alla Troy Polamalu last weekend).  If the Giants want to have ANY chance of winning on Sunday, then that is what all 53 men wearing BLUE will have to show.  I can tell you one thing, #10 will do his damnedest to win this game and carry the team on his back.   But he can't do it alone!  

Giants fans now its on you! If you are going to the game on Sunday, you MUST be on your feet, not just on 3rd down's, not just in the 4th quarter, but ALL GAME.  I don't care if the person behind you can't see.  If they want to sit on their ass, tell them to go home and watch on their couch.  MAN UP!!! If you are going to the game, get on your feet and cheer for the NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS.  This is our team and we NEED a win.  I don't care who we are playing.  Green Bay might have the best record in the NFL and the best player in the NFL, but on any given sunday, it's anyone's game.  Hey Rodgers, COME GET SOME!


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