Friday, December 23, 2011

Giants need to take advantage of "Locked In" Sanchez

By Nick Ceglio - 12/23/11                              

With essentially a playoff game at hand Saturday, the Giants have to look at the Jets weak offense and take advantage by creating turnovers. The perfect place to look for them, is Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez. Even though Sanchez doesn't have the huge interception number, he has gotten away with telegraphing his passes followed by a lot of bad throws this year, backed up by his mediocore 56% completion percentage. 

By no means has the Giants pass defense been stellar this year, but they have been able to take the ball away, tied for sixth in the league with seventeen interceptions. Besides "locking in" on his target, Sanchez also tends to have happy feet in the pocket when he's hit a few times. With Wayne Hunter a liability going up against Pierre-Paul, you know he will see the majority of the double teams. 

That being said, it will have to be the other guys like Tuck, Tollefson, Canty, and any other guy that can get Sanchez toe tapping in the pocket to create opportunities for our secondary to make some plays on the ball. Jets WR Santonio Holmes called out the Giants secondary saying, ''They are poor tackling guys," which for the most part has been true this season and now its time for the defense to put up or shut up. We know what were going to get from Eli and the offense, now its up to Perry Fewell's group to make some plays.

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