Friday, December 30, 2011

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants: Battle for the NFC East

By Joe Maine - 12/30/11 
This is what it is all about.  One game.  One night.  And only one team can make it to post season.  Now the New York Giants and the Cowboys are two very alike houses. Both teams have gotten rid of their old stadium for a new one.  Both teams both have 30 playoff appearances.  Which is the most in the NFL.  Both sides have had great players to change the game.  Lawrence Taylor and Emmitt Smith.  But that is all history. 
Let talk about the present.  Both teams are 8-7 with this being the final game of the season with a lot on the line.  The Giants were swept by the Skins, won and lost a game to the Eagles, and beat the Cowboys.  The Cowboys lost to the Giants where swept by the Eagles and swept the Redskins.  The Cowboys also have the better win percentage all time against the G-men with the record standing at 56-41-2.  To add even more suspense to this game this will be the 100th time these two teams have played each other. 
The keys to win this game on both sides are clear and simple.  Good defense and good running game will most likely win the game.  We can expect a lot of rushing by both the Cowboys and the Giants.  On defense, keep your eye on Jason Pierre-Paul for the Giants and DeMarcus Ware for the Cowboys.  These two players alone have accounted for 33 1/2 sacks.  That’s more sacks right there then the entire Pittsburgh Steelers entire team.  Another two players to look for on both sides are Victor Cruz and Dez Bryant. Both of these wide receivers have only been around for two years and have become there QB’s go to guy.  Last but not least the Quarterbacks- Eli Manning AKA The Iron Man of the NFL right now, not missing a single game in his career against Tony Romo, a man who played with a broken rib and punctured lung.   Look for the QB with least turnovers to win the game.  
This will be one heck of a game with many aftermath questions.  Will the losing coach be fired?  What will the winning team do in the Wild Card round?  We will have to find out this Sunday Night.  Who will win when the Big Blue Wrecking Crew hosts America’s Team?    

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